About Us

MARINE EQUIPMENT is a company that supply and services all types of marine LSA and FFA, and has over 30 years of experience in the market of life saving equipment.


Our mission is to work for human safety and life by distributing products of excellent quality.


Our vision is to provide high quality products at competitive prices and distribute them in international markets through our well established distribution network.


Our motto is, “You ask, We supply.”


We distribute in the global market over 10,000 products of marine equipment and lifesaving equipment directly related to OIL & GAS Industry.


Marine Equipment products appeal to professionals in the Oil and Gas industry and to individuals with sea activities. Some of our customers are shipping firms, shipyards, boat builders, rigs, offshore platforms, suppliers, marine equipment retail outlets, super markets, marinas, boat hiring businesses, sailing clubs and individuals. Our major priority is customers’ satisfaction and people safety.